Project title: Portraying artists

Portraying Artist is a visual form of writing art history. Each film tells motivations and stories of single artists instead of making them part of a bigger social or historical gentrification. What is the essential and specific to know about that image? What is the simplest and honest way to talk about art?

This format of communication and conveying information/knowledge wants to reveal essentials about the creative process instead of an academic, specialised language. Understanding of the spectator is central of the film production. 

In base of these considerations, Portraying Artist reformulates the role of artist as creative thinker and author as producer to react to actual historical concerns. The main question is to translate the knowledge and theoretical hypothesis from verbal form into visual expression.

Films structure aloud the viewer to hear steps taken during the process of development by the testimony of artist’s own words. The viewer is the witness of creative process. Artwork is perceived as a personal experience and not just as a framed final work.