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If I were to embark on a journey of self-redesign, what kind of being would I create? Rebirth is a transformative process that we experience at various stages of our lives, allowing us to reshape ourselves anew.
In Genesis II, I aspire to become a creature deeply connected to nature and intertwined with others, where our physical forms intersect.
Drawing inspiration from the principal elements of existence—water, earth, and fire—I choose clay as the perfect material to commence this transformative journey. Clay, like life itself, holds the potential for growth and transformation. It symbolizes the connection to my past, evoking memories of my previous being and igniting a desire for reunion.
As I shape the clay, I am reminded of the resilience and strength embodied by women throughout history. This process becomes a celebration of women's empowerment, symbolizing our ability to mold ourselves and create new narratives. 
In this journey, intercultural inclusivity plays a pivotal role. The intersections of cultures and diverse perspectives enrich my newfound form. Drawing from the wisdom and traditions of different backgrounds, I embrace a tapestry of experiences that shape my identity.
These sculptures stand as tangible representations of the transformative journey we all embark upon, transcending both personal and geographical boundaries and embracing our shared humanity. They serve as a reminder that rebirth is not limited to one individual but is a collective and universal experience.
This is an embark on a profound exploration of self, celebrating the empowerment of women, fostering intercultural connections, and championing inclusivity in all its forms.
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In my sculptural work, I combine elements from various historical periods to address collective humanitarian concerns. By intersecting forms, periods, and geography, I create bodies that go beyond aesthetics, becoming a means of communication.
Throughout history, ancient goddesses like Artemis, Isis, Venus, Daphne, and Nike played significant roles in representing women. Their depictions emphasized qualities associated with motherhood, fertility, and healing. 
I also explore the connection between women and nature by incorporating animal symbolism. Reflecting on climate change and environmental issues, I challenge our perception of the "Anthropocene" and humanity's relationship with nature. By blurring the boundaries between species, my sculptures transcend divisions.
Through my work, I invite viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness between humans and the natural world. My sculptures serve as catalysts for dialogue and reflection, challenging notions of superiority and destructive behavior.
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