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Filmmaker and Videographer
Esra Sakir is a film producer and photographer. She founded Twilight Film Productions in 2015. A production company that produces high-quality videos covering different fields such as live performances, businesses and artists. With video production, she is specialised in camera and editing by combining her skills as camjo. Based on her painting background, she is capable to suggest the best settings and camera angles to reflect the spirit of the content. She started as a consultant at the fashion sector and worked for Max Mara as the brand ambassador in Turkey. Then she worked as an instructor at the Yeditepe University in Visual Communications.
After her master degree from HKU and a year of camjo study at Open Studio Amsterdam, she made a career switch as a video producer at HVDS creating e-learning content for companies such as ING, Fokker and Henri Wintermans. Shortly after, she produced several documentaries and portraiture films for Shortcutz, Paris Photo Fair, Unseen Photo Fair, and East Wing Gallery.

The Lens Flair

status: pre-production

The Flair Effect' is a film about the healing power of artistic practices. It aims to show the different aspects of psychological violence; aiming to raise public awareness and sensibility on the subject.

The content of the film wants to emphasize the empowerment of a woman in a difficult situation and give basic information asthe first help through the lines.

Cast & Crew

Pinar Karaaslan


Martin Vis


Raksha Hoost


Esra Sakir

Writer / Producer

Deniz Tumanbay

Executive Producer 

Andre Schoorlemmer


Dick Merx


Santiago Rodriguez


Pavle Mihalic

Production Designer 

Arindy Melati

Costume Designer 

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