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Filmmaker and Videographer

The Lens Flair

status: pre-production

The Flair Effect' is a film about the healing power of artistic practices. It aims to show the different aspects of psychological violence; aiming to raise public awareness and sensibility on the subject.

The content of the film wants to emphasize the empowerment of a woman in a difficult situation and give basic information asthe first help through the lines.

Cast & Crew

Pinar Karaaslan


Martin Vis


Raksha Hoost


Esra Sakir

Writer / Producer

Deniz Tumanbay

Executive Producer 

Andre Schoorlemmer


Dick Merx


Santiago Rodriguez


Pavle Mihalic

Production Designer 

Arindy Melati

Costume Designer 

I am Esra Sakir, a film producer and photographer. In 2015, I founded Twilight Film Productions, a production company dedicated to producing high-quality videos across various fields, including live performances, businesses, and artists. My expertise lies in camera work and editing, drawing on my skills as a camjo.
Drawing on my background in painting, I possess a unique ability to suggest the best settings and camera angles to capture the essence of the content. My journey in the industry began as a consultant in the fashion sector, where I served as the brand ambassador for Max Mara in Turkey. Subsequently, I worked as an instructor at Yeditepe University, teaching Visual Communications.
After completing my master's degree at HKU and a year of intensive camjo study at Open Studio Amsterdam, I transitioned to a role as a video producer at HVDS, specializing in creating e-learning content for companies such as ING, Fokker, and Henri Wintermans. Shortly thereafter, I embarked on producing documentaries and portraiture films for esteemed events and galleries including Shortcutz, Paris Photo Fair, Unseen Photo Fair, and East Wing Gallery.
In summary, I am a passionate film producer and photographer, dedicated to delivering exceptional videos. With a foundation in painting and a wealth of industry experience, I bring a unique perspective to capture the essence of each project I undertake. From fashion consultancy to teaching and producing documentaries, my journey has been characterized by a commitment to excellence and an unwavering passion for visual storytelling.
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