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Artistic motivations with ‘Portraiture Documentaries’

Portraying Artist explores the role of artists in relation to new historicism through artistic research. Using a filmic approach, I capture history through moving images. In the past few decades, the field of art history has been critical of its own methods. It has questioned the artist's role in the face of social changes like human rights, gender issues, and identity in a globalized world. The discipline of art history has also faced criticism for its Euro-centric criteria and its classification of artworks under specific periods or genres. Furthermore, its communication and knowledge-sharing methods have been seen as overly academic and less accessible to a broader audience.
In response to these concerns, Portraying Artist redefines the artist as a creative thinker who addresses these historical issues. The central question is how to translate knowledge and theoretical hypotheses into visual expression.
Portraying a person is an act of visually exploring them from different perspectives, offering a glimpse into their world. Using film to document the artistic process, I engage in visual and verbal elaboration, capturing the artist's work in progress. It becomes a dialogue between two artists, collaborating to transform materials and create new meanings. By offering glimpses into the artistic process and unveiling the human stories behind the artwork, Portraying Artist aims to connect art enthusiasts and collectors with a deeper, more accessible understanding of the artist's world.
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