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From etching print during my study years to the Toyobo technique after a long pause, printmaking has always been a meditative ritual for me. Artwork on paper is like an inspiration board for my three-dimensional creations, with the image playing the role of text. I'm also drawn to the playfulness of interchangeability between text and image, where words can be replaced by visuals and vice versa. Every print is a unique creation, holding the secrets of the moment - distractions, memories, and hopes of doing something useful. Each temptation is a step closer to the original idea, and the result is always a surprise. 


Speaking of empowerment, I find inspiration in arkaik traditions that view the human body as equal to other beings and emphasize respect for all creatures. The historical figure of Artemis of Ephesus embodies this philosophy, with her mastery built by layers of meaning and connection to the Mother God tradition of Anatolia. As a tour guide, I've seen her countless times, but every viewing is a new eye-opener. Her role as protector, giver of life, and healer resonates with me deeply. Looking back at other ancient cultures, I'm reminded of the Goddess Isis and her many forms, often featuring animal figures. These images serve as a reminder to stay in sync with the world around me, and to strive for empowerment in all aspects of life. 

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