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Pic 5

Pic 5


Length: 35,5 cm

Width: 25,5 cm 


Introducing Toyobo, a cutting-edge photopolymer etching technique that offers a safe and eco-friendly way to create stunning metal plates with photographic images. With its photosensitive layer, this technique allows for the preproduction of realistic photographic images with the added potential of graphic enhancements. The wide range of grey shades offers a rich and varied image that's sure to impress.


As an artist, I'm always on the lookout for the best papers to bring my images to life. That's why I've experimented with a range of textures and colors, including hemp paper, 100% cotton paper, and traditional Japanese papers. I've found that different backgrounds, such as light cream, white, and various shades of grey, can create unique and striking effects.


For this particular print, I've chosen the luxurious Velin BFK Rives paper. Made from 100% cotton and boasting four deckle edges, this paper has been carefully glued into the fabric to ensure its acid-free quality.

Its smooth, satiny surface and fine grain make it the ideal choice for a range of printing techniques, including intaglio (etching), lithography, relief printing (woodcut and linocut), screen printing, blind embossing, calligraphy, book production, and drawing.


This is a limited edition of just 25 copies, each delivered with an authenticity document to guarantee its uniqueness and value.

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