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“Research based artistic production delves me in social subjects with additional readings on antropologie, human non-human rights and new ethics. I am deeply passionate about clay, utilizing it as a medium to engage with others on pressing humanitarian and environmental issues. This gives me the opportunity to reflect and experience the basics of the elements such as earth, fire, air and water. At the forefront of these concerns is the environment and climate change, which necessitate new paradigms of living and consumption. My research delves into the transformative potential of forms and shapes in reshaping our daily consumption habits and priorities. Through hands-on experience, clay elevates intellectual understanding to a sensory level, offering a profound opportunity for introspection.
As an artist originating from Asia Minor, I draw inspiration from the historical heritage of the region, exploring the complex relationships between humans and the non-human world, imbuing them with a sense of sanctity through the amalgamation of various life forms.
The discovery of clay in Amsterdam's Lutkemeerpolder has been incredibly inspiring. Its proximity to home and pristine quality make it as valuable as gold. In the spring of 2024, I embark on a period of experimentation, harnessing the 'Gold of Amsterdam' to sculpt not just objects, but metaphors for our evolving ethics in food choices, consumption patterns, and social relations. These workshops serve as a platform for people to come together, exchange knowledge, and mutually enrich one another, laying the groundwork for a sustainable future.
My perspective has been shaped by my experiences of leaving home at 18 and living in Istanbul, Milan, and Amsterdam for extended periods. Through my workshops, I seek to cultivate dialogue, share knowledge, and foster connections that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. I prioritize constructive and hopeful insights, providing a space for individuals to share personal narratives and explore common questions." - Esra Sakir

Sunday 19th of May 

location: Lutkemeerpolder Voedselpark, Lutkemeerweg 262

Monday 20th of May 

location: de Bouwput, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 24

Tuesday 21st of May 

location: de Bouwput, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 24

Wednesday 22nd of May 

location: de Bouwput, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 24

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